Are you taking care of yourself as well as you take care of your patients?

No, seriously, are you?

Hi I'm Robb, and I'm here to remind my fellow nurses that self care is not just some nice buzzword, not just an indulgent and optional dream of something to do if and when you get around to it. If you want to be able to provide quality care to others in the long term, you have to be able to take care of yourself first. 

I'll say this in my very best flight attendant voice: If oxygen masks drop from the overhead compartment, please place the mask on yourself before assisting others with theirs.

They have to say that for a reason, because it is human nature to help others, and I'd say that instinct is even stronger in nurses. We are a feisty bunch! But if you keep helping everyone else without attending to your own needs, sooner or later you are simply going to pass out, and be of no use to yourself or anyone else. 

I know you know this already. So isn't it time to do something about it?

If you think you have too much stress in your life, then you do.

And I can help you with that. 


As nurses, we excel at giving quality, specialized care to our patients. We plug our noses, we hold our bladders, and spend our days (and nights) advocating for what is in the best interest of our patients. We become so good at taking care of other people, that too often we forget to take care of ourselves. Our sleep suffers as we struggle with a schedule of 12-hour rotating shifts. Our diet deteriorates into fast food and comfort food and whatever junk someone brings into the breakroom. Retail therapy drains our savings account. Coffee and Coke become a crutch. We buckle down and get the job done, but all too often at the expense of our own well-being and personal life.

You’ve probably attended a seminar or lunch ’n learn on how to practice “self care”. You may have earned a CEU or two on the importance of “practicing mindfulness”. But even after hearing about how important it is to take care of yourself, did you actually practice any of it? Did you implement any of the suggested changes? 

Most of us don’t. Habits are hard to break without support, after all. We keep doing things this way because this is the way we have always done them.

But I can show you a different way...

I can help you in two ways

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"I was set on explaining myself and the thoughtful approach I had come up with for taking care of myself. I only met with Robb to simply put a nail on that idea, I was sure no other options existed. However Robb gently, swiftly, and lovingly turned that forgone conclusion on its head. He helped me uncover that my choices were actually based on fear and staying small and hidden away from my dreams and the creativity I want to unleash onto the world.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by what I was avoiding, I now feel empowered and excited to pursue my dreams with ease and abandon."

- Zarah Darling