Do you have to? Or do you want to? SELF CARE FOR NURSES, Episode #7

This week we have another language hack for your consideration. When you say that you "have to" do something, what do you really mean? How accurate are your words? More than that, how do they make you feel? For me, thinking I "have to" do something makes me feel irritated that I have to do that thing. I postpone. I procrastinate. I find all sorts of reasons to do other things first. 

But do my words actually reflect the truth? 

And more than that, are they giving me the result that I would want to have?


Pay attention to how you talk about the things that you "have to" do. Do you REALLY have to do it? Or can you find a more compelling reason of why you WANT to do it? This is really great practice of something I talk a lot about with my clients, of thinking on purpose. Not only will doing it here likely yield much better results, but the skill of deliberate thinking will serve you in every aspect of your life. 

Self care for nurses episode 7