Do you love your job? - SELF CARE FOR NURSES #17

Nurses love helping our patients create goals for themselves. 

They will get out of bed and walk twice a day. They will use the incentive spirometer ten times an hour. They will limit their sugar and salt intake. 

But what about you? What is your goal when it comes to your job? 

There isn't a blood test you can take that will tell you whether you love your job or not. 

It is a choice, that you make, based on a variety of factors that you decide are important. 

We can't control all aspects of our job, but we can control what we are looking for, and what we are working towards. 

What are you working towards?


Decide what you want.

Start looking at what is getting in the way of you getting what you want.

Are there things you can change?

Would it be helpful to shift your focus?

Have you been doing everything you can to get what you want?

Help yourself get what you want. What will it take? What can you do? Put yourself in control.

Good luck!