Episode 4: Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever been at work, rushing from patient to patient, calling doctors, trying to field questions from family members and co-workers, multi-tasking 14 things at once, and all of the sudden your brain whispers "You are in over your head. You aren't good enough/smart enough to be here. If anyone realized the truth about you, they would be horrified. It is a miracle you've gotten this far, but you better be careful not to let anyone see the truth about you."

If any of that even sounds remotely familiar, you should listen to this episode of Self Care for Nurses so you can find out what Imposter Syndrome is and how normal (and common) it really is. 


Notice if you find yourself thinking or feeling like you are an imposter, like you don't deserve your accomplishments or haven't earned your position. Then just remember that you aren't the only nurse to feel that way. We all put pressure on ourselves to be perfect, and your feelings are normal and even common.

If you passed nursing school and your boards, then you deserve to be a nurse. Rather than dwelling on what you don't know (because there will always be things you don't know) use the awareness that you are normal to allow yourself some peace. Because a calm nurse who is trying to learn makes better decisions than a scared and embarrassed nurse who is trying to hide. 

Self Care for Nurses Imposter Syndrome