How To Not Find Happiness - SELF CARE FOR NURSES Episode #20

I just saw a movie called "Hector and the Search for Happiness" from a few years ago. A psychiatrist goes on a world-wide adventure to find happiness, has many incredible adventures, and boils his experience down to some meme-friendly catchphrases. 

I found the movie delightful, but one "lesson" in particular though caught my attention. 

Life is not so simple that we can find something by avoiding it's opposite.

We don't find wealth by avoiding paying our bills. 

We don't find love simply by avoiding hate. 

Avoiding some things may be a perfectly valid goal for your life. But remember that goal is not the same thing as finding its opposite. 

If happiness is your goal, then look for happiness. 

Focus on happiness.

Choose happiness.

Because that is how you will find it.

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