I'll be happy as soon as I... SELF CARE FOR NURSES, Ep. 8

"I'll be happy as soon as I finish this degree."

"I'll be happy after I get a new job."

"I'll be happy as soon as I get married."

If you have ever found yourself saying something like this, where you postpone your happiness until after some goal has been reached, you may have Destination Addiction. Watch the video to see why this could be a big stumbling block for you. 


Start paying attention to see where you have been telling yourself that you have to wait to be happy. Goals are rad, and I very much hope that you have them. And if you are using them to beat yourself up, then you are making things much harder than they need to be. Give yourself credit for having the goal. And remember that happiness is a choice you can make today. 

Self Care for Nurses 8 Destination Addiction