I've got a stethoscope, how about you?

Let's be honest. I am loving this.

I'm not even outraged. I mean heck, I'm a life coach, I know how to manage my life without torturing myself feeling all angry and offended all day over something I can't control. The ladies of The View just aren't that powerful.

What I am is amazed. And delighted. And PROUD.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post called “Thanks, Joy Behar”. Because already we were seeing our community come together, and I was loving it.

But when I wrote it, I really had no idea how big it was going to get. My Facebook feed has been taken over, and 98% of the posts are declarations of pride. RN's and LPN's and MA's and CNA's and NP's and MD's and RT's and EMT's. People who are still in school mixed in with people writing about their grandparents who were nurses a century ago. We are representing Oncology and Psych and Home Health, First Responders and the OR and the ICU, Peds and Geriatrics and even the military. Different shapes and sizes and colors and backgrounds.

We are a diverse group, but we have common needs. Too often we toil in secret, focused on taking care of others while neglecting ourselves.

But regardless of the occasional angry rant, to me this movement is about self care. The View lit a match under us, which apparently we needed. It was an excuse to show up. Instead of just turning the other cheek, we decided to stand up.

Now we could argue all day about what the “goals” of the movement are. Some have demanded apologies, some have focused on the advertisers, others have written open letters.

But what we have all done, is to show up. Instead of waiting for a celebrity to validate us (I think we are aware it would likely be a very long wait), we have instead chosen to validate each other, in what feels like a very unprecedented way.

Self care isn't just eating better and moving more and playing with puppies. It is also standing up and joining the community. It is posting our most vulnerable stories and proudly displaying the tools of our trade. It is about taking the hands of our co-workers, no matter which department they answer to, and taking a stand for our integrity and knowledge and value. It is about reminding ourselves that not a single person in this community is “just” a nurse, or “just” a medic, or “just” someone who helps save a life.

I hope this becomes more than just a flash in the pan. I hope we don't slip back into “real life”, accepting less than we deserve just because it is “the devil we know”.

Each of us has the ability to be happy, no matter what anyone else does or says. Every day.

We can care for our patients without being a martyr. We can devote ourselves to taking care of others, while still taking excellent care of ourselves.

Feel the strength of us all. We've got your back. Let's do this.

Also, go play with some puppies. Seriously, that never hurts.

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