My dad passed away.

Me and my dad in 1975. And yes, that couch was AWESOME.

Me and my dad in 1975. And yes, that couch was AWESOME.

Hey everyone,

You may or may not be aware that my dad passed away recently. The past few months have been a challenging time for me and my family. He was in and out of the hospital with liver and then kidney failure, and in the end we were able to do what he wanted and bring him home on hospice care. 

I’ve never been more grateful to be a nurse and to be able to help advocate for him and his wishes. 

Honoring my family and the experience we were sharing became my focus, so I took a step back from this work and have been pretty quiet. I do need to give a huge public THANK YOU to all of my clients, who were very gracious as I had to reschedule some appointments during the final few weeks as things were changing rapidly. You guys turned the tables and were supportive of me, and I appreciate it!


In the end I am glad I was able to be fully present for my dad. It wasn’t easy of course, but I think we all feel we did everything we could, and we shared some sweet moments. The fact I had the freedom to make my dad the priority during all this is a gift I will always cherish. 

I can’t help but be reminded that life is far too short, for any of us, and more than ever I appreciate the value and importance of choosing a purposeful and deliberate life. I don’t want to put off fulfillment just because other people do. I don’t want to postpone happiness and adventure and satisfaction just because I have bills to pay, or friends to impress, or because I think I have to wait for the “right time”.

Who is with me?

Do you know what you really want from your life, or are you just getting by, hoping things will work out eventually?

Are you playing to your strengths and letting yourself shine, or are you playing small and spending your time trying to please or live up to the expectations of others?

Are you focused on the things that bring you joy, or are you fighting with strangers on Facebook?

If you are interested in stepping up your game, stay tuned.