Nursing humor - SELF CARE FOR NURSES Episode #19

This week I'm talking about nurse humor.

As nurses, we sometimes get accused of using gallows humor.

To which most of us would probably reply, "Yep! We sure do!"

When things are at their worst, humor can be an important tool to break the tension and relieve the pressure.

I create and share a lot of memes on Facebook. Some are inspirational, but many are just trying to be a little funny so we can crack a smile in the face of so much stress, sadness and sometimes death. 

When stress and sadness at work are the norm, laughter becomes a vital component of self care. 

Stop the cycle of your sympathetic nervous system and reduce the amount of cortisol pumping into your body.

Self care for nurses Robb Hillman Life Coaching


Don't forget to give yourself opportunities to laugh. 

Watch a funny movie. 

Tell your coworkers a stupid joke. 

Giggle at a silly nursing meme.

Ask yourself "How can I laugh more today?"

Life is too short to miss those precious opportunities to laugh. 

Self Care for Nurses Robb Hillman Coaching