SC4N Episode 5: Give Compliments Freely

On this weeks episode I wanted to talk about the good reasons to give compliments. On previous episodes we've talked about why it is important to receive compliments, and we've talked about how gossiping trains our brains to look for the negative qualities of others. Besides just being friendly, giving compliments trains your brains to do exactly what we probably want it to be doing - to see the good in others. Because if your goal is to like your job, finding the good things in others is likely to help you with that goal much more than finding the problems will. 


Give out compliments freely! When you see someone do something nice, acknowledge it. When they accomplish something challenging, tell them you noticed. It doesn't have to be elaborate - if they say something that makes you laugh, you can just say "OK, that was funny." Though we can never be sure how anyone will react to our compliments (that is up to them), chances are they will appreciate the compliment, and you will be reinforcing the behavior you like to see from them. But more importantly, you will be training your brain to look for and notice the things that you like about them, and this is a habit that will serve you well in any relationship. 

Self Care for Nurses Episode 5