The size of your "but": SELF CARE FOR NURSES, Ep. 6

Self Care for Nurses: Episode 6

Self care comes in many shapes and sizes, and today I am talking about what is essentially a simple language hack that can have some pretty exciting implications. We use the word "but" all the time, and it can limit us in ways we barely notice. Simply by replacing that one word we can give ourselves much better outcomes. 


Start listening for when you, or anyone else, uses the word "but".

  • "I want to love my job, but my boss is awful."
  • "I appreciate what you did, but I have a few ideas of my own."
  • "I hear what you are saying, but have you thought about this?" 

Notice the false choice they are communicating, and then how the meaning would change if you (or they) used the word "and" instead. Which option do you think would give you the best opportunities/outcome?

Self Care for Nurses Episode 6