Thanks, Joy Behar

Thanks, Joy Behar.

No, really, I mean it. Thank you.

As a profession, nursing consistently ranks as one of the most trusted in America. Our skills are diverse, valuable, and needed. Simply put, we save lives.

And yet.

Somehow it seems there are many people out there who don't understand what nurses do.

They rightfully see us as nurturers, but they forget we are also highly trained medical professionals.

They are happy to let us take their blood pressure, right after we get them a drink and hey, why we're at it how about grabbing some for the whole family?

They understand we bring the meds, and don't understand why it took so long.

They see a hospital stay as a cross between a hotel and a spa. And nurses are the wait staff.

As nurses, we might complain about this amongst ourselves, but we rarely come together and speak with one voice.

Then along comes an out-of-the-box pageant performance and a thoughtless 30-second comedy bit on a talk show.

Frankly, I have better things to do than care about some hosts of a talk show who are trying to be funny. Even if they were intentionally trying to disrespect nurses, which I don't think they were, I'm still quite capable of loving my profession no matter what they think.

But what I am interested in is the upswell of nursing pride I'm seeing. People posting pictures on Facebook wearing their “doctor's stethoscope”, and speaking out to educate. We are finding our voice in advocating for our profession. This is AWESOME, and if we follow through could lead to big things.

The pride I feel at being a nurse is not dependent on getting respect from a celebrity or a talk show. Regardless of how the show responds to this, the loud, proud and unified voice of nursing that has resulted is the real win here. I hope we can keep doing this! What should we talk about next? Workplace bullying? Unsafe patient ratios?

So thank you, The View, for giving nurses a cause to advocate for themselves. I LOVE feeling this sense of community, of nurses standing tall and coming together in common purpose. I wish it were happening under more uplifting circumstances, but I'll take it. It is so worth it.

And actually, that isn't entirely true, because Miss Colorado's monologue about her experiences as a nurse were quite uplifting. And THAT is a message I'm happy to see shared across America.

We are nurses. And we are pretty dang amazing, stethoscope and all.


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