This is not optional - SELF CARE FOR NURSES, Ep. 11

Think about the things you want. The goals you want to achieve. The changes you want to make in your life. The results you would like to enjoy.

When you think about doing and getting those things, do you see them as optional? Like, maybe you will do it today, and maybe you will wait until, you know, tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. When it's warmer. At the beginning of the month. After the holiday. When it warms up. 

Sometimes the biggest gift we can give ourselves is just to decide that doing the thing we know we want IS NOT OPTIONAL.


Think about a goal you want. Think about the things you will need to do to achieve that goal. Now just make doing those things not optional. No matter how hard or annoying or boring they might be, decide right now that you are going to do them. There is no need to struggle every day questioning whether you are going to do it or not, because now you know that you are just going to do it. And when that dark voice in the back of your head starts complaining, and starts wanting to be lazy, and finds all sorts of excuses why you really are justified to procrastinate, just smile and reply "This is not optional." 

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