Thoughts and perspective: SELF CARE FOR NURSES Ep #10

One of the cornerstones of what I teach is how our thoughts create our world and lead us directly to the results that we get. If that doesn't make sense on its own, don't worry, because today I'm going to talk about a very specific example to illustrate what I mean. 

Remember, when we focus on the thing that is bugging us, we empower the thing to bug us. If we focus on the thoughts we are having about the thing, we empower ourselves to shift our thinking to something that will give us a better experience. 


Notice the little things that bug you. See if you can find the thought that is causing you to be bugged. Is that thought (and the feeling that goes with it) helping you have the life that you want? If so, then no worries, it is perfectly fine to be irritated if we want to be. But if we don't, then we need to see if we can a different perspective and a different thought that will instead give us the feelings and the outcomes that we want to have in our lives.