You know this patient, don't you?

You know the patient. 

The frequent flier who comes in again and again. Nothing ever changes, except for the worse. They never follow directions. They don't want to do anything for themselves, they just want you to give them pain meds. Preferably given IV Q2 and in tandem with phenergan. And how could your forget the benadryl, you know they always take everything together! What kind of moron nurse are you??

What is your day like when this happens to you? How do you feel? 

You no doubt have lots of evidence of why that person is terrible, awful, and no-good. 

You no doubt can easily justify self-righteous anger, judgement and dismissal. 

But how do you want to feel?

I know, they are rude and arrogant and disrespectful, and don't deserve your kindness and humility and respect.

They deserve the punishment of your judgement, right?

But, how do you want to feel?

I'm not suggesting you have to be an angel, or a Pollyanna. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

But I am suggesting that you can decide to feel however we want. All the time. Regardless of how other people behave. This is a superpower you can learn.

Sounds crazy, right? But it isn't. 

“This patient is the worst, I can't believe how lazy and selfish and arrogant they are, how dare they talk to me like that, I am just trying to help and they are blatantly abusing the system and they just need to stop! I wish the doc would just discharge them already.”


“This patient is so lucky to have me, because I am freaking awesome at my job and I can take care of anyone no matter how much crap they throw at me. Since I am so good at taking care of myself I know my worth is non-negotiable, and that anything they say has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. I know they won't realize or appreciate it, but I'm going to give them such thoughtful care that Florence herself would be proud of because that is just how I roll.”

Which thought is going to make for a very long shift? Which is going to give you the day you want to have?

And the best part is that you aren't choosing the thought for the benefit of an undeserving jerk. You are choosing it for yours. 

Watch yourself today. Take notice of what you are thinking when you feel bad. Notice what you are thinking when you feel great. That awareness is something powerful we can build on. 

Yours in self care,