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Free Webinar - Strategies to cope with nurse bullying

Premiering Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 at 4pm PST/7pm EST

What is your nursing superpower?

With all of the challenges we face as nurses, perhaps none is as frustrating and common as that of nurse bullying. Nurses “eating their young” destroys relationships and lines of communication, it shatters confidence and respect for our peers, and adds unnecessary junior high school drama to an already demanding shift. 

But when you find yourself being targeted, it can be challenging to see the road out of it. While some of us hunker down and try to grin and bear it, others may listen to the abuse and even start to believe we deserve it.

  • Have you been targeted for abuse by someone who seems to enjoy watching you fail?
  • Have you caught yourself doing things a certain way not because it was best for the patient, but because you were trying to please or avoid confrontation with another member of the staff?
  • Is a workplace relationship interfering with your sleep, anxiety levels, and overall health?
  • Do you find yourself questioning your decision to go into nursing? 

Instead of focusing on wagging our finger at the bully, this webinar focuses on you, and what you can do to feel better right now. We cover eight different strategies you can tailor to your specific situation to empower you to have the kind of day at work you want to have, despite the bully. So that no matter what the bully does, you can still love your job and go home feeling powerful, satisfied, and calm, or whatever else it is that you want to feel. 

In this jam-packed 60 minute webinar, you will learn:

  • how to take back the control in any relationship
  • how to know if your current strategy of dealing with it is serving you or not
  • how to set strong, helpful, and protective boundaries (Hint: if your current boundary is “They have to stop bullying me”, you need to attend this webinar.)

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